Saturday, September 27, 2008

one minute

ah-mazin I love it:)
This girl seems to know what she is talking about!

Monday, September 15, 2008

A Merde

I come back perfectly happy from the most amazing weekend since I went to Canada and had too much fun AND I COME HOME TO FIND:
A) My facebook, myspace, polyvore, everywebsite besides this I go on HAS BEEN BLOCKED ON ALL THE COMPUTERS. Because supposly I am in trouble for going on the computer too much...I go on an hour a day MAX. Also most of it is for school.....-.- my parents have no clue about my life
B) My mother has taken about half my last season clothes and given it away to my little cousins....have I grown that much? I was saving them for when they are back in style, fashion is pretty much recycle.
C) My dog has decided to rip apart her new juicy couture bed AND my pillows which were tossed on the floor.
D) I broke my ipod by dropping it in the sink

WHAT A AMAZING DAY:( I am soo cheerful...nawt

Anyways Tyler, my new bf, has asked me to "hang and watch movies" at his house tonight but you see I don't know how to function. I have never really gone ALONE to "hang" with a boy that I was dating. Like are we chums? We are suppose to DATE not HANG OUT; like is that code for make out? Supposly not says all my are we going to play video games. Ehmagawd Tyler is like Cam from the Clique in this situation. ALSO what am I suppose to wear; if I wear a dress I will look cute but he might think I thought we were going out in public. Sweats are WAY too casual its like are first bf&gf hang. We have had dates but HANG?! Yes I am a loser for worrying about this but I should just send my brother over to hang out with him....also I have a cold so I am in no mood for kissing or cuddling.

OMG i forgot about info-ing you all about the Ivy:)

I SAWWWWWWW some cast memmbers from that show called "the Office". My Brother was freaking out...i was actually dying when he asked for a autograph. But my life was complete when i saw Amanda Seyfried coming into the Ivy when I was leaving. I think she noticed when my mouth fell to the floor. Amanda Seyfried is like ah-mazing, go look her up NOW. So it was a big day and my grandma got me and my brother some gifts:):)♥ Yes it was nice seeing her but kay when you get your trsty Sidekick jewled up in flippin Swaforski and a new juicy purse [my fav brand because its no birthday party this year is that theme:)] I think I even sheded a few tears of joy.

Plane ride back was lame and I slept the whole way back lol:)

Also I arrive home to about 60 new fall pieces of clothing including this new short trench:
it looks better on me BTW

Alsoooo I am pleased to say I am a new Hello Kitty obbesser and got a sewing machine. [I am going to try making my own clothes like Jenny Humphrey]

Anything else....OH WAIT THERE IS. I am going to be modeling soon. Cant say where I have been signed but yahh....will post more deets when I get more deets. [Also dont judge my looks by my crummy profile picture because it is of me last year, early last, but it was the only one were I looked decently normal and my parentss said Icould use it because blogs are very out there and yah and they said I look different now so I wouldnt be a big mouthul XD]


Tiffany Flowers:)

You Know My Music; Song OF THE MOMENT: Mercy Duffy

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Baby if its Love it isnt Fun

10 NY TIME = 7 LA TIME = Im actually up early:)

Confusion with the whole SNL thingie........who knew I was going next week and it was taped in New York? My brother will never let me forget jumping up and down and being all woho we are going to SNL.; -.- he tricked me. So instead of going to that we went shopping at Kitson and some other shops. No celeb sitings yet, underline the yet. I will be a stalker and find some soon enough. But alot of people are actually in NYC right now...damnnn I want to ge an autograph and sell it on eBay. Anywaysss my hotel is pretty sick

Its like this bungalow thing; very cute and really close to Hollywood Blvd. I just think the rooms are amazing and again SO CUTE.

Okay people might wonder what went down at the clubs. I dressed more mature to get in, waaaay mature. Like too much makeup, push up bra, highest heels .
was my dress; im in love with it:) Im actually going to wear it alot [10 times is alot:) BTW]
my heeels were*1*24*-1*-1*6

I triped and stumbled about 10000 times but I think people thought I was drunk lawlz.

ANYWAYS, so we went to foxtail first and I got denied:( It was actually kinda embaresssing. But at AREA I acted really confident and well I GOT IN. I have no idea the age for clubs but I dont think it is 14 lol. I danced with my cousin and some of her friends. Also a few mennn, they were hawtt but we danced. One guy tried to make out with me but well im TAKEN with a T/ so I like moved away. Then we dance d ackwardly and then he left. It was funnay.

Didnt get home till 1 and thats 4 NYC. I was pretty dead and fell asleep with my caked on makeup. Luckily I didnt break out or anything:) Sooo somehow I woke up 6 hours later and very awake. SSSSSOOOOOOOOOO YAH. I miss my puppy and its only been one day, I come back tommorrow for school. We are here because we are seeing our grandma and family, also my mom is working here.......she does something where she gets free stuff....thats all I know. I never asked; I will tonight and tell you tommorrow.

I am going to wear this to the Ivy today:
Its called a Sunday Dress aswell so that sealed the deal:)

Got to go to Starbucks and get a stars map:) Me and my brother are going to drive by their houses [my parents rented us a chauffer/car/WOOT]

Got to jet♥ Tiffany Flowers

Song I am listening to ; Poker Face Lady Gaga:)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Illusions or Real Fantasy

Ehmagawd polyvore roleplays are DEAD:( Theyy sadley I guess were like Avril Rocker Fase or Pokemon. I am now very depressed because they are not fun when everyone is gone. BLAH, I am on a plane to LA so I hope to be cheered up.

Shopping wise [arent I always talking about clothes? lol] when I am upset I buy like an entire line and I pretty much just purchesed every Coach thing on their website. Also Betsey Johnson accesories, juicy couture dog carrier, 2 tiffany necklaces and one tiffany engagement ring lawlz. I am pretty shopping till I max m credit card cause also my dad hasn't been home in like 3 weeks so he owes me something. Also I am ATM searching net-a-porter:
are the dresses I am thinking of getting. Tell me are they nice or gross?

Also Sephora Spree aswell.......I am actually going to buy every shade of Urban Decay and NARS I I will be set for life.

This plane ride is really getting me:( My brother is thinking I am crazy that I care about Polyvore Roleplays. He is being very annoying becausee he keeps trying to take my laptopp. I am very excited to see my grandma though. Tonight we are going to watch SNL taping, O0O0O0O. I hope its funny but Obama is not going to be there I hear so it is abit of a dissapointment. Me and my cousin are going to drool over Michael Phelps thou!!!! XD

We may even going to some club because my cousin has just turned 21 and well I think we can get in:) If I get rejected it will be no BD. We are going to either Area or cousin knows a bunch of their bouncers and she also is dating somebody that promotes both those clubs. Now I am excited talking about it:):):) p.s of course I wont be drinking, im only 14 atm!!

Also has anyone read Luxe? Is it a good book because i think I might try it out.

Lots of Hugs,
Tiffany Flowers

Song Of The Momentttt Cartoon Hero AQUA BABIE

Friday, September 12, 2008

YO....YO YO.


Kay so it is friday night was great hanging out with some friends. Went out for dinner and got some yummy pasta. Then we went to see the movie House Bunny, lawlz it was very funny with the guys there too. It was funny but not had its moment I guess. Then after me and my bestiess head over to my place for a sleepover [atm]. We are going to invite are main men over I think and just cause some trouble lol. Also I have some exciting news because I am going to LA tommorrow to go see my grandma and EAT AT THE IVY. Kayyy I am checking offf a life goal. We will probably be eatting in the corner and such but I AM EATING AT A PLACE THAT IS KNOWN FOR CELEBRITIES. My granny got a reservation, [she booked about 4 months ago lol] Probably I wont see any famous peeps but I think it would be super koolio. I have seen some famous people before but the Ivy is quite famous. Going to eat there on sunday so I will update after that.

Also desginer wise I think Juicy Couture definatly needs to make more daydreamer styled purses. I have like 3 and they are all pink lol. Also I just bought this dress: and welll its amazing [also it was on sale lawlz] I thinking about wearing it to the Ivy but not sure. Also i am going to check out Kitson annd alsoo the regualr desginer stores to see if they have anything different. Many some boutiques too, I really love getting vintage Dior and Chanel and LV. If you live near or in LA tell me any good stores. Of course aswell I am going to hit the beachh, TAN TAN TAN. Lol but I think its cold there too...oh well I have this bikini:
and I am excited to flirt with cali boys. I hope they all have bleached hairr. As you can see I have only beeen to LA a couple of times. I am very NYC/Europe/Cold Placess too much.

More news is that I have to go call some boyzzz up:) Lol and all my friends say HELLO. Also what are your guyzz fave tv shows?

Later Gator,

Taylor Flowers, Music= Wonder Wall By Oasis

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Ehmagawd third post:)

I am verrry excited to announce that I am TAKEN with a T. Yessss, this boy named Tyler asked me if we could make our realtionship "serious as in going out". I am very gidddy tehehe I like when boyz are sweet and cute. Now I can go me and my bf are going blah blah blah geesh I sound too much like Desire.

Oh also I would like to announce my RP polyvore accounts! Yes I am addicted to RPS and making sets. My personas are: April Hayes, Lacey Talbot, The Real DSL Dater Taylor, Massie Block and The Fabulous Kristen Gregory. o0o0o im bad asss having soo many zillion accounts.

Has anyonee seen the Lauren Conrad Fall 2008 line? It actually is pretty bon bon:) Another of my 7 cousins works as a writer for Nylon Magazine and welll she got me in!!!!!!!! I had to stand on like the side and LC past collections have been -.- buttt they were kinda cute. Betsey Johnson collection was my favorite to see I thinkkkkkkkkk. I dunno I dont remember, im waiting for winter. Winter is always my favorite season because I luv looking all warm in a coat. Yess I am a LBR wanting it to be cold just so I can wear a coat to and from my house to school.

WELL, im now going to do some homework/online shop/watch my tivo-ed ANTM [dose anyone watch that show?]


Tiffanyyyyyyy Flowersss

P.S What are your fav designers peeeps? Also favorite un well knowed artists (music) cause I am very bored with the music in this world lately and maybe found something not about kissing girls and growing up :P

Song of the moment: West Coast BY Coconut Records

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


OMG, second blog posst. I am dead tired after spending two hours late, late last night on the phone with my cousin Holly in LA. We are super close but talking on the phone at one am is not my favorite past time. Nowww my dog is barking me for our early walk.....GAH ITS COLD OUTSIDE. I miss summmer sooooooooo much! Especially hanging out with the boys all the time, we even went golfing once. High-larious to see my golf swing, I have no golf talent I found out; but my outfit was cute:) I heart really preppy golf wear that you only can really wear at country clubs...except I not a memmber to any country clubs...I have only one golf-preppy-prep outfit lawlz. Oh and "the boys" are Franco, Ken, Dean, Derrick, Jacob and Paul. These are my friends not bfs....but I have in the past dated Derrick and Paul. These boys are hot but not hot because I see them do some pretty embarressing things like wear a dress to a restaurant and asking out everygirl at my school on the same day for a date at the same place and time. About 10 girls actually showed up and well they weren't really happy....they started crying. Thenn he had to confort them and explain himself. I dunnnnnnno im cold...I should maybe turn the heat up but I am waay to lazy in my blue VS robe and ugg slippers<3. Don't you love UGGS? Of course its now become a fashion don't but I secretly wear them around the house....I have almost everycolor except that fugly gold color they got. Like gold? Its just a shiny brownn!! The new silver is really cute with alot of my outfits......yes I am now looking in my shoe closet and counting my UGG pairs...lawlz im tired I can be weird:)

Tiffany has:
Really Short Brown
Short Black
Short Dark Brown
Short Light Brown
Short Sundance
Classic Cardy Brown
Tall Black
Tall Tan
Short White Fur <---fur all over them and my favee
Short Paisley Grey
Dakota Slippers in every color lawlzz my addiction UGGS
Short Blue
Tall Pink
Short/Tall Silver

Maybeee I will post a picture later today of themmm;

I could also post a pic of my Chanel clutches...that would be a laugh. I have very strange addictions. Some people its food...mine is material things:)

Got to go walk my little Lulu, [my pet doggggggg. She is a Yorkie poo & 2 cute]